Les Pompes Caron Inc.

More than 30 years of experience in the installation of pumps of all types in the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. We offer a wide variety of pumps that can meet your needs. Consult our specialists for the realization of your project!

Water is at the hearth of good health!


Our specialties

As well drilling experts, we can manage any pump installation needs. We offer all kinds of pumps: for ponds, artesian wells, constant pressure pumps, submersibles and those which are electronically controlled. To put together the most effective water treatment system, we also sell and install high-quality softeners. Furthermore, you can count on our team to set up an effective irrigation and watering system.

Guaranteeing high-quality equipment and accessories

Water pump and drinking water treatment specialists in Granby

Granby’s Les Pompes Caron specializes in selling and installing pumps as well as in drinking water treatment. We supply various models of pumps for the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors, all at very competitive prices.


An environmentally-friendly company

Visit our showroom to choose from a wide selection of pumps and to find the one best suited to your needs.

With high-quality products and very competitive prices, we have successfully established a strong reputation throughout the Eastern Townships. Our skilled team will arrive on site to install your equipment, always respecting environmental norms and standards. We’ll handle any pump repairs ourselves. We promise quick and efficient work.


An overview of our areas of expertise :

  • Selling, installing and repairing pumps of all kinds
  • Water softening treatment
  • Water analysis
  • Installing irrigation and watering systems

A wide range of quality products and services to choose from !