An effective and long-lasting solution

Dealing with a flooded basement? Benefit from the quality and efficiency of our submersible pumps. This type of device also directs water from your drain or groundwater table to the municipal sewer system. We are fully committed to providing equipment that is both long-lasting and compact. Clients can choose from electric or electromechanical submersible pumps.

The benefits of submersible pumps

With a high pumping capacity, the submersible pump is ideal for low flow wells. It makes excellent water pressure possible at a high flow rate. Before choosing a pump, several factors must be taken into consideration, including water pressure, soil elevation, the type of water, and the presence or absence of sediment. It is therefore recommended to call an experienced drilling professional, like our team,to help select the most appropriate pump. We are also water treatment experts.

A submersible pump can be used for:

  • Pumping water from flooded basements
  • Pumping rainwater
  • Emptying septic tanks
  • Lowering the water table
  • Replacing water in fountains

Count on our team to supply and install the submersible pump that is best suited to your needs !

We guarantee quality installation services ! Get advice from experienced drilling professionals !